Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Movie Preview

In the hopes of good movies actually coming out this year, below is your movie preview for this Spring (which technically starts on March 20th, but I've added in a couple movies that have already or will release before that date). There are some exciting movies to look forward to later this year, such as "The Smurfs," scheduled to release on August 3rd, and then some. For now though, here's your preview of some movies to anticipate within the next several months.

Please note: very few movies have been excluded from the lists below.

More important note: I obviously haven't seen these movies yet, unfortunately, and therefore can't recommend any of them to you. I'm just relaying the information., i.e., disclaimer: pay $11 at your own risk.

If you like Dramas / Dramedies (none of these are standing out to me at the moment, but I could be mistaken... there might be a real gem somewhere in this mix):
- Jane Eyre, March 11th (like the book)
- Certified Copy, March 11th
- The Lincoln Lawyer, March 18th
- Desert Flower, March 18th
- Winter in Wartime, March 18th
- The 5th Quarter, March 25th
- Peep World, March 25th
- Hesher, April (exact date TBD)
- A Little Help, April (exact date TBD)
- The Last Godfather, April 1st (supposed to be a comedy... hmmm)
- Trust, April 1st
- The Princess of Montpensier, April 1st
- The Mighty Macs, April 1st (like The Mighty Ducks)
- Water for Elephants, April 22nd
- That's What I Am, April 29th
- Sympathy for Delicious, April 29th
- Daydream Nation, May (exact date TBD)
- Something Borrowed, May 6th
- The Beaver, May 6th
- There Be Dragons, May 6th
- Midnight in Paris, May 20th
- The Tree of Life, May 27th
- Beginners, June 3rd

If you like Comedies / Rom Coms (some of these actually look promising): 
- Paul, March 18th (ET's long lost brother)
- Win, Win, March 18th 
- Super, April 1st 
- Your Highness, April 8th
- Arthur, April 8th
- Ceremony, April 8th
- Henry's Crime, April 8th
- Meet Monica Velour, April 8th
- Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, April 22nd
- POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, April 22nd (Super Size Me guy's next logical step)
- Prom, April 29th (I guess you can never have too many dumb high school movies?)
- Bridesmaids, May 13th
- The Hangover 2, May 26th (please be as entertaining as the original!)

If you like Suspense / Horror:
- Mother's Day, April 1st
- Insidious, April 1st
- Rubber, April 1st
- Scream 4, April 15th (ghostface strikes again, 10 years later... whatever, say what you will... I'm in!)
- Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, April 29th
If you like Action / Thrillers:
- The Adjustment Bureau, March 4th
- Battle: Los Angeles, March 11th
- Kill the Irishman, March 11th
- Sucker Punch, March 25th
- DAM 999, April 1st
- Source Code, April 1st 
- Hanna, April 8th
- Haywire, April 22nd 
- Apollo 18, April 22nd 
- Intent, April 22nd 
- Priest, May 13th 
- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, May 20th
- One for the Money, June 3rd 
- X-Men: First Class, June 3rd (aka X-Men 5, is also a prequel)
- Super 8, June 10th (also releasing in IMAX theaters... SciFi film by J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg)
- Green Lantern, June 17th (even if you don't like action/comic/superhero movies, watching Ryan Reynolds (and Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard) for two hours can't be a bad idea)

If you like Adventure / Sci-Fi / Animation: 
- Hop, April 1st 
- Born to be Wild, April 8th 
- African Cats, April 22nd 
- Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, April 29th
- Thor, May 6th
- Kung Fu Panda 2, May 20th 
- Mr. Popper's Penguins, June 17th (like the book) 

If you like bad movies:
- Fast Five, April 19th (also known as Fast and the Furious 5 too many)

Anything you're looking forward to?